The Family Connection

Published June 4th, 2020 by Your Life Speaks LLC

The family connection is one of the most endangered realities humanity has been staring eye to eye with over the last several years. The past 3 months though has brought a new outlook for many of what’s really important...FAMILY. When the world stood still and everything stopped it was our family that remained in the midst of Covid-19.

We are at a crossroad in human history right now. The way in which we turn is monumental for the mental, emotional and physical health of our children moving forward. Will we go back to a chaotic pace and find our family suffering the most by our lack of being present. Or will we be innovative, creative and refuse to compromise the importance of family as we begin to create our new daily routines and lifestyles from this moment going forward.

My hope is always the second path where people make family priority, but my fear is the first path will be where many families will find themselves unintentionally. The easiest path will be going back to what we always did (chaotic pace) because it has been the familiar lifestyle for years. The more challenging path will be becoming intentional of this family priority. I know that sounds terrible that making family the utmost importance is difficult, but for many of us if we are honest with ourselves those are the facts.

We stand at a crossroads in human history. What are our priorities? The decisions parents and spouses make in this moment moving forward will have seismic impact on the nucleus of their family’s well-being.

The choice is all of ours to make. As for our family we are doing all in our power to make family our new constant priority. Our prayer is for all of you to do the same as well and join us in this new mindset. That new mindset is the “Family Priority Lifestyle”.

Will we make mistakes and face challenges moving forward absolutely but all our kids will reap the rewards more than we can even grasp.

Will this look different for each family? Absolutely! Do we expect people to sell everything and live in an “RV LIFE” as we have been called to? NOT AT ALL! We all come from different places and walks but each individual family can be united on this mindset —> ”The FAMILY PRIORITY LIFESTYLE”

We are in this together no matter where we come. We all are staring eye to eye with this chaotic world and the need our family had for us. Together we can create a place for our kids to thrive. Together we can hold each other accountable and refuse to go back to how things used to be.

Our mission is to be a place you can be inspired to make this lifestyle our new norm together!

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