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Sept 2, 2021Boone Grove, Indiana (Private Event)
Sept 3, 2021Crawfordsville, Indiana (Private Event)
Sept 7, 2021Elkhart Indiana (Private Event)
Sept 9, 2021Elkhart, Indiana (Private Event)
Sept 10, 2021Livingston, Michigan (Open to Public)
Sept 11, 2021Livingston Michigan (Private Event)
Sept 13, 2021Charles City, Iowa (Open to Public)
Sept 16, 2021Williston, North Dakota (Private Event)
Sept 22-30, 2021Chandler, Oklahoma
Oct 5, 2021Dublin Ohio
Oct 6, 2021Belmont County, Ohio (Private Event)
Oct 8, 2021Knox, Indiana (Private Event)
Oct 11-16, 2021Centerville, Michigan
Oct 19, 2021Seneca Falls, New York (Private Event)
Oct 22, 2021Maryland (TBA)
Oct 23, 2021Maryland (TBA)