“The Ancient Path” an Old New Thing

Published December 9th, 2020 by Your Life Speaks LLC

There is a holy wrestling, a stirring in the depths of believers. A stirring that’s coming from the very core. I have heard it time after time around people who genuinely believe these words “something more, I long for deeper wells”. So many questions and yet most of the answers met with shallow responses that leave the core of their being still searching. Desiring to find the words of our Messiah to finally ring true in their soul “whoever drinks of the water that I give him will never be thirsty again”. Yet, so many thirsty, so many bound by things they can’t break free of.

But Something is arising. Something is happening that no denomination can contain.  A people who are finding THE RYTHEM, Finding the heartbeat of the Creator. Finding the House that the Door the messiah has brought them into. Finding the Destination to the Way that Jesus has paved. Finding the Truth that Yeshua told the woman at the well. God desires His people to worship in Spirit and Truth. The Truth that has not only led us to eternal salvation, but also the blessing, purpose and protection in the NOW.

Finding the rhythms of Yahweh of the ancient path. An old way that’s now new to many. That the people of the book are us. One story from Genesis to Revelation. One Plan to restore mankind. One Husband in constant pursuit of HIS BRIDE.  More than the sands of the sea and stars of the sky the people of the book will be. From Judah, Israel & all mankind grafted in. 

The enemy for too long has kept many in a state of darkness and confusion to really understand. For most of us we were just unaware. Many lies we inherited without even knowing.  We knew the King to be true. We knew the land one Day to be the Promise “The Promise Land. We knew the people to be real. Believers who believe and confess that Jesus is Lord, that Yeshua is KING. That the Messiah is the Lamb that was and is slain from the foundation of the earth “That Passoever”. Yet something missing. Something more, deeper wells.

BUT NOW WE ARE CATCHING IT. Like scales have been removed. Ointment applied to our eyes and now we see. The enemy’s desperation to keep the constitution of the KINGDOM OF GOD hidden. His plan to minimalize its importance. To sow seeds of lies and doubt of the very Banner of Gods Instructions, declaring they were null and void. Desperately positioning to convince that God’s Torah, His very constitution, that will rule all eternity forever was done away with. It’s the instructions that contain the blessings and protections against the enemy in this world now, and the one to come. King Jesus Himself will teach these instructions like all the ancients prophets have proclaimed.  The very Constitution that of all of creation, heaven, and earth bear witness to. This constitution “the Torah” God’s instructions declares the enemy’s judgment will be just. No wonder he wants none of God’s people to know its validity and purpose in believers today. It contains his very death sentence and exposes him for all the destruction and death eternity has witnessed.

But there is a new day. A people stirred to the core who are turning back to the roots. Walking in the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit by belief in Yeshua. Also, recognizing the power of obedience to the WORD of God. Not obedience to save less any man should boast, that it’s JESUS alone who saves. Obedience though to the word.  It’s the lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Where this path of light is created the darkness cannot touch.  WE ARE WAKING UP TO WHAT IT MEANS TO DO BIBLE THINGS BIBLE WAYS. We are learning to walk in Spirit and Truth.

There is an awakening, the enemy has lost containment. The Torah is more than an English word Law. Beyond the do’s and don’ts. Yes, it contains those and they are for us. It’s here though where the very stories that contain Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. The very foundation of the promise of the Messiah. The story of the exodus which is the very story of Jesus. It is the instructions and essence of how Yahweh will flow through us once we believe that Jesus saves.  You and I are the people of the book. We are catching the rhythm; we are learning the heartbeat of the King. We are learning more and more what it is to be a citizen of Israel.

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