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Hey guys, my heart is to be Wilderness Driven in all that I do. We hope to create community where we all can grow specifically to live, love and look like our King. Our hope and mission are to prayerfully Reveal Identity, Call out Destiny and Inspire your Journey. A wilderness mindset is what so many people need in the difficult times that many of us are facing. All throughout the bible God uses the wilderness to constantly get His people to look and trust in Him alone. Yeshua Himself in the Gospels was driven into the wilderness at the beginning of His public journey to redeem mankind. My whole drive in life is to be a disciple of King Jesus and allow His words to govern my life. The wilderness mindset is the soil I have found to allow His words to produce the most fruit.

Nathan Harmon is an evangelist, father & international speaker. He is the founder of Wilderness Driven and Your Life Speaks. His love for God and calling to ministry is such a powerful testimony of undeniable “God moments” throughout his life.  Click the button to learn more about Nathan & his family.

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"Wholly to the Holy"

This Gospel of the Kingdom will circle the Earth.

Gospel of the Kingdom

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God is taking believers deeper in His word and bringing us back to the patterns and rhythms of His heart. These "Jesus Meetings" are exactly that. Specific gatherings crying out to the world to come back to the root of their Christian faith. This rhythm and root doesn't lead to Rome but to Jerusalem. If it's bringing this tent that we have been blessed with that sits up to 800 to your community or just coming to your church, living room or anywhere you decide to bring us in to share. God is stirring the hearts of His people and we just want to be a part of whatever God is doing on the earth. Contact us if you want to bring these "Jesus Meetings" to your area. Let's pray about it together and make it happen. You can go to the video's tab and see some of these past Jesus Meeting's gatherings. 

The Ancient Path

Nathan Harmon filming a documentary

There is a holy wrestling, a stirring in the depths of believers. A stirring that’s coming from the very core. I have heard it time after time around people who genuinely believe these words “something more, I long for deeper wells”. So many questions and yet most of the answers met with shallow responses that leave the core of their being still searching. Desiring to find the words of our Messiah to finally ring true in their soul “whoever drinks of the water that I give him will never be thirsty again”. Yet, so many thirsty, so many bound by things they can’t break free of.

But Something is arising. Something is happening that no denomination can contain.  

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Text Me...FOR REAL!!!

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Join the Family. Please take the 30 seconds and text "Pray" to 765-379-8273. It's totally free for you. I would love for you to be a part of this community. It's here I can personally give you all the updates, new teachings, happenings and links to things that are happening with my family, team and myself. I promise I don't blow your phone up with random stuff. Just a couple times a week you get a text from me to encourage you and share what's going on. So please text pray to my phone number 765-379-8273. Then fill out just a little info to lock you into the contacts in my phone.

Wilderness Driven Family

You may be asking what is the "Wilderness Driven Family"? Well that's us. We now live full time on the road solely focused on God's mission for us. These two themes guide us "Wilderness Mindset" & "Family Priority Lifestyle" and our hope is to inspire people to let those themes impact their daily lives. Let me explain, in the Bible the wilderness is a place God uses powerfully to keep people truly surrendered to Him. Jesus, Israel during the exodus, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, King David, and the list can go on of examples. The wilderness mindset is learning to daily lay down self preservation and truly learn to trust God for all things. The "Family Priority Lifestyle" is just basically what it says. Unfortunately family being a priority over the many distractions the world can offer has been greatly affected. We were very much guilty of this and decided to make sure our children will always know how much "they" and family besides God is the most important part of the journey as they grow up. We are the "WILDERNESS DRIVEN FAMILY" and we hope we can inspire you all by living this out in front of you.

Nathan Harmon, wife, and two kids

Wednesday 8:30pm Live Study 

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Join Nathan and the team every Wednesday @8:30pm eastern for our mid-week Bible study. This weekly study is focused on learning to live, love and look like our king.

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Nathan is currently writing his first book "The Five" which will be released Fall 2020. “The Five,” is based on simple, practical, and powerful tools and habits  that Nathan has used over the past 10 years to live a sober, healthy, and purpose driven life. Nathan often calls "The Five" healthy habits of the heart and mind. Transparency, Accountability, Hard-Work, Good Choices, & Valuing People is at the core of how he has been able to overcome and succeed and what he shares in each chapter. These life and heart concepts can leave real impact on those who truly apply what each chapter has to offer.  

Real Life Podcast

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Every week on all social media platforms Nathan, Dr. Doug, and Jacob release a podcast called "Real Life". The podcast covers a wide range of topics such as mental health, substance abuse, faith, world issues, and current events. The podcast navigates topics from different perspectives and experiences to bring unique views and practical solutions. Dr. Doug is a licensed clinical Psychologist with amazing insight and many years of experience. Nathan's journey and life applications are relatable as he shares his life success in family, sobriety, and business. Jacob Pierson is what Nathan always refers to as "The Walking Google" and together they bring hope, advice, insight and fun to “Real Life” in this podcast. Join us every week for the The Real Life Podcast.

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