Nathan Harmon

Wilderness Driven Ministries was born from his desire to take people in a deep and meaningful way through the whole Bible, its history and to grow in Spirit and Truth. To encounter Gods presence and allow the Holy Spirit to change His people from the inside out. In 2009 Nathan encountered the grace of God in ways that forever changed him. It happened when a family forgave Him for the loss of their daughter in a drinking and driving accident that Nathan was solely responsible of. Gods grace became more real than the breath he was breathing. Since that time Nathan has been in pursuit to understand and experience all the Bible declares. The pursuit of his Christian Roots. His hunger to find Yeshua all throughout the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. Nathan and his family travel full time on the road to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom that the Messiah spoke about and commissioned His followers to do. Nathan shares in churches, camps, festivals, their own tent meetings and many other venues.

Nathan's journey comes from a combination of a troubled past and a great desire to help others overcome many of his same struggles. In his younger years Nathan battled divorced parents, suicidal thoughts, self harm, alcohol and drug addictions, bulimia and eventually jail. Nathan is now over 15 years sober by the power of the Gospel. With Nathan’s testimony, passion and energy but most importantly God's calling, he had been able to impact people with lifelong change in all walks of life.

Because of his struggles he navigated while in middle and high school. Nathan has always had a passion to speak words of purpose to that generation now that he is older. This passion is what birthed what is called Your Life Speaks.

Your Life Speaks was born from Nathan's desire to also see every person recognize their potential and cultivate real change. To live a life of meaningful purpose passionately. Nathan has a gift of communicating to all people no matter where they are in life. God opened doors for Nathan to become the top booked school speaker and one of the most sought out communicators since 2017 and bring hope and encouragement to the next generation in the public schools across the county.

My Story

Who Are We?

We are Wilderness Driven. We are people who long to live following Jesus as an all in lifestyle. Not just in the idea or title of being a Christian. This was birthed out of a desire to know the truth of the whole Bible from the perspectives of the authors who wrote them. We are sold out to doing Bible things in Bible ways and getting back to the roots of our Christian faith. It is not only our passion to understand God’s Word within its historical and cultural framework, but also to apply what He teaches us through the Spirit and love of Messiah Jesus (Yeshua).

Wilderness Driven isn't just a ministry but a lifestyle. Its to live a life "Wilderness Driven" and with "Family Priority"


Our mission is to Reveal Identity, Call out Destiny and Inspire the Journey. In all that we do, we long to help people find their Identity in Christ. That Identity does not lead back to the Greco Roman roots of our faith but to reality that all believers are part of the commonwealth of Israel. (Eph 2:12).


Our plan is to take the Gospel of the Kingdom around the world. A clear call for all to come back to the heart of God. We will be a bridge for the lost Sheep of the House of Israel to return to the roots of their faith. To be a voice crying out to all mankind that the message of Jesus (The Lamb of God) has the ability to set anyone free.